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DIGIT Leader 2019

Scotland's 3rd Annual IT & Digital Leadership Summit

30th May 2019
Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

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The Summit

As technology has evolved IT has transitioned from a background support function to a core driver of value creation and competitive edge. This shift has placed senior technologists at the heart of the organisation where they are increasingly critical to decision making, strategy and leadership.  

The DIGIT Leader Summit will explore the evolution of the IT & Digital profession, considering the key technology and business trends and the profound impact they are having on the role. The programme will also examine the crucial components of leadership, looking at culture; team building, upskilling and communication.


The Summit is geared for senior IT & Digital leaders, and designed to provide an opportune forum for practitioners to share their experiences, learn from their peers and discuss best-practice approaches to leadership.

Core topics

  • Trends: Key technology trends and business trends

  • IT Evolution: How the IT and Digital role is changing and evolving

  • Leadership: Empowering, engaging, motivating and inspiring teams

  • Culture: Creating a culture of inclusion, innovation and exploration

  • Impact: Technology as a driver of innovation, improvement and problem solving

  • IT Management: Investment, ITAM, cost control, vendor management



DIGIT has rapidly grown into the largest business technology community in Scotland. Our extensive conference series provides a unique platform for knowledge exchange, discussion and high-level networking.


DIGIT now provides news, views, opinion and insight to over 50,000 users monthly via 



Lead Domain Cloud Specialist, Citrix
Director of Digital, NHS NES
CEO, Appointedd
Author & Serial Entrepreneur
Head of Technology, Sky
Head of Innovation & Data, Natural Power
Managing Director, MadeBrave
Director of Product, RingCentral
Director, Media Moxie
MD, Border Crossing UX
Founder, DIGIT
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Conference Agenda


08:30    Registration Opens


Session 1.

The opening session will examine the evolution of the IT & Digital profession, considering how the role is changing and looking at how senior technologists can make the greatest tangible impact to their organisation. 

09:20    Welcome and Introduction

Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland

09:30    The Changing Nature of the IT Role 

•    Why the IT role is now critical to the business 
•    Shift from background support to innovator: more aligned; involved in strategy, planning, customer delivery
•    IT evolution: more data, tools are more advanced, IT is more equipped to leverage change
•    What this increased business engagement is delivering in practice: Control Centre, digital platform
•    Challenges to business engagement and how they can be addressed
•    Challenges of fast changing landscape, always need to be learning and aware of new tools and technologies

Callum McLean, Head of Innovation and Data, Natural Power 


09:45     Driving Organisational Value with Technology

•    Delivering a digital strategy is where impact can be maximised
•    Leveraging technology to improve efficiency, process and delivery
•    Effective support for continuity systems releases resources to build new technologies
•    Ensuring organisational alignment and line of sight
•    Dealing with challenges and creating a culture which embraces change
•    Benchmarking progress: benefits realisation are the metrics of success

Christopher Wroath, Director of Digital, NHS NES

10:00    Entrepreneurial Lessons for Digital Transformation: What Goliath Can Learn From David

  • Exploring entrepreneurial wisdom and how it has grown over the past ten years

  • Exploring why these tenets can help leverage change

  • Using these steps as a framework for digital transformation

  • Applicability in any enterprise environment

  • Prioritising customer focus and understanding

  • Retaining the end-to-end organisational vision

Leah Hutcheon, CEO, Appointedd

10:15    Q&A

10:50    Refreshments & Networking

Session 2.

The session will explore key areas in a smaller group environment. Four breakout sessions will be run in parallel and then repeated, providing delegates the opportunity to attend two of the options on offer.

11:30    Breakout 1

12:00    Transition

12:05    Breakout 2

Breakout A: The Future of Work – how to transform communications in the digital age 

• The way people communicate has changed, find out how this impacts your employees
• How to build the right communications strategy
• Evolution of communication & the Future of Work 

Sunny Dhami, Head of Product, Ringcentral

Breakout B:  Building the Intelligent Digital Workspace

• The Age of Digital Change and the C-Suite opportunity 
• Digitalization; accessibility, improvement, innovation and the impact
• Platform based approach to Digital Workspace delivery
• Modernizing the application landscape in the Digital era 

Bjørn Riiber, Lead Domain Cloud Specialist, EMEA, Citrix

Breakout C: Everything Starts with a G

• Connectivity always needs to touch the ground 
• Why are hardware vendors getting excited about 5G ?
• The impact persistent high speed connectivity will have 
• How does a CIO take advantage of all of this? 

Graeme Gordon, CEO, IFB

12:35    Lunch & Networking

Session 3.

This session will provide an opportunity to attend an extended presentation on a specific area of interest. The three streams will be run in parallel and delegates will select one of the three options to attend.

13:30    5 Steps to becoming an Inspiring, Influential, Effective Technology Leader 

•    Continuing on your Upward Career Path  
•    Developing your "Leadership Presence" & Confidence  
•    Helping People Maximize their Performance  
•    Looking good in front of Upper Management  
•    Motivating, Inspiring, and Leading with Positivity
•    Earning True Respect and Loyalty from Everyone

R. Michael Anderson, Serial Entrepreneur & Author 

13:30    Mapping Success: Driving Positive Customer Outcomes and Experience

  • Discover how the changes in IT and digital are affecting customer behaviour and expectations

  • Define the cross-channel customer experience and what people think, feel and do at each stage of their journey

  • Collaboratively design your future to  minimise risks and maximise ROI

  • Test and measure your success with meaningful data and customer feedback 

  • Deliver organisational efficiency and better customer outcomes by embedding a user centred culture in your organisation,

Esther Stringer, Managing Director, Border Crossing UX
13:30    Four Steps to Align your Organisation for Innovation

•    Find out why digital and tech teams are the best catalysts for change
•    Learn how to get the conversation started at your organisation
•    See the value of balancing analytics and intuition
•    Understand the risks of ignoring your audience and your processes
•    Get an actionable framework to align all departments for collaboration and action

Liza Horan, Director & Digital Strategy Consultant, Media Moxie

14:10    Transition

Session 4.

The final session will focus on organisational culture, looking at how leaders can help create an environment and culture that promotes innovation, opportunity and inclusivity. The session will then end with an extended Q&A panel to reflect on the key themes of the afternoon session.

14:15    Building and Developing the Team within a Culture of Inclusion and Diversity 

•    The importance of understanding both the individual and team dynamics
•    Where these dynamics can work together to create an environment that offers opportunity, challenge and reward
•    Supporting our people with internal networks
•    Seeking out the next generation of technology talent from across all backgrounds 
•    Promoting inclusion and diversity

Ronnie Corse, Head of Technology, Sky 

14:30    Leadership: Creating a Culture that Delivers 

•    Creating a culture of innovation and experimentation
•    Building an authentic organisational identity
•    Empowering, engaging and motivating your teams
•    Modern management styles
•    Meaningful performance metrics, trackers, progress review, benchmarking – how do I know how I’m really performing

Andrew Dobbie, Managing Director, MadeBrave

14:45    Panel Q&A

•    R. Michael Anderson, Serial Entrepreneur & Author 
Esther Stringer, Managing Director, Border Crossing UX
•    Liza Horan, Director & Digital Strategy Consultant, Media Moxie
•    Ronnie Corse, Head of Technology, Sky
•    Andrew Dobbie, Managing Director, MadeBrave

15:25    Closing Remarks

15:30    Networking Drinks Reception

17:00    Close of conference

*The conference programme is provisional and subject to revision



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Substitutions will be accepted if notified in writing before the event.  It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organisers to alter the content and the timing of the programme or the identity of the speakers. Where conferences are free to attend, a £99 + VAT charge will be levied should the delegate fail to attend on the day and not notify the organisers before the specified time & date.

Data Protection
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This conference is free to attend and only open to end user IT & Digital Leaders ( e.g. CIO’s, CDO’s, IT Directors, IT Managers, Transformation Directors, ‘Heads’ of Digital, Security, Architecture etc)

If you have any queries regarding this criteria please contact

The speakers list is provisional and subject to change.


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