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5th Annual
The must-attend online event for leaders from the IT & Digital community
Featuring: keynote talks, breakouts and exhibition - all hosted live on a virtual platform 
Free to attend for personnel working in relevant IT, Digital & C-level roles
Wednesday 26th May 2021
08:00am - 16:30pm GMT

 Virtual Summit - this event will be delivered online. 

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The Virtual Summit

The Coronavirus pandemic has ensured that the last year was one of the most challenging periods in recent history. The social impact has been catastrophic, while the associated economic disruption has led to widespread decline and expectations of an extended global recession.

Businesses have been forced to contend with months of uncertainty, and are having to adjust to a new paradigm, with changed expectations, process, and new ways of working. Meanwhile, technology has been thrust front-and-centre, the lifeline that has allowed organisations to continue to operate.


This year’s Summit will discuss the role of technology leaders in this testing business environment. The programme will share insights from a range of different sectors, illustrating how leaders can help their organisation navigate disruption, overcome problems and continue to innovate and accelerate their recovery.


Core themes

  • Trends: Digitalisation, agility, navigating disruption, remote working

  • Evolution: The changing nature of IT and Digital as a discipline

  • Leadership: Strategy, empowerment, communication, motivation and empathy

  • Culture: Creating a culture of inclusion, innovation and exploration

  • Impact: Technology as a driver of growth, innovation and improvement





DIGIT has rapidly grown into the largest independent business technology community in Scotland. We run an extensive series of conferences focused on core areas of emerging Technology, Digital and IT. We also run Scotland's leading IT & Digital News Platform www.digit.fyi with over 100,000 page views per month.

The events provide a unique platform for knowledge exchange, drawing stakeholders together to explore best practice, technological innovation and business outcomes. Our conferences attract a senior delegate following and have become renowned as an important forum for high-level networking.

2020 Speakers

Director of Group Technology & Transformation, AKQA
Cabinet Secretary for Finance, The Scottish Government
Lead Domain Cloud Specialist, EMEA, Citrix
Director of Digital & CISO, NHS NSS
Technology Analyst & Principal, ConceptGap
International Director, Human Capital, The Singularity Lab
Chief Legal & Policy Officer, TrustPilot
Vice President of Information Technology, AMI
Managing Consultant, Barrier Networks
Former COO & CFO, The Linux Foundation
Scotland Territory Manager - Fortinet
Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland
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2020 Conference Agenda (2021 coming soon)


07:45    Login to Virtual Event Opens



The opening session will contextualise the challenges of the ongoing pandemic and consider what this means for technology leaders and the wider business landscape. We will explore past downturns and how they compare with current trends; examine how adversity can fuel innovation and positive change, and look at how infrastructure and office environments have been disrupted. 

09:00    Welcome from the Conference Chair

Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland

09:05    Ministerial Address  

Kate Forbes MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, The Scottish Government 

09:10   It’s Time to Build: From Adversity to Innovation 

  • Digital advances during the Great Recession 

  • Innovating to win during economic downturns 

  • The end of non-tech business 

  • Global trends and digital opportunities 

Gary Crawford, Director, Group Technology & Transformation, AKQA 

09:25    IT's the End of the Office as We Know It

  • The remote working paradigm is going to have an enormous impact on office estate costs

  • Exploring performance, security, strategy and control considerations

  • To accommodate the remote world, Cloud journeys have accelerated rapidly

  • How do we maintain visibility and resilience?

  • Pre-2020 ideas and costings mean budgets are now misallocated

  • A silver lining of effective remote teams is the ability to leverage a wider global talent pool

  • The new normal will be less impacted by future office closures and travel restrictions


Robert Rhame, Director of Market Intelligence, Rubrik


09:40    Combined Q&A

10:15    Break (15 minutes)


Session 2 will consider how the challenges and expectations facing industries are changing and how this is forcing organisations to adapt. Speakers will explore how business culture and structure are evolving; how trust and transparency is becoming a crucial business differentiator, and we will take a timely look at the future of work and the remote working phenomenon.


10:30  Structuring the Future Enterprise 

  • Work is changing 

  • The need for nimble organisations 

  • Free from the tree: alternative organisational structures 

  • Is radical trust so radical? 

  • Just be nice: human leadership , Purpose, mission and values: beyond lip service 

  • Beyond hard skills: culture and soft balance, 100 days to structural change 

Richard Marshall, Technology Analyst & Principal, ConceptGap 


10:45  Trust and Transparency in the Digital Age 

  • The evolution of trust, how its changed as the world has become digital 

  • New mechanisms of trust: technical, legal, regulatory 

  • Trust has gone beyond simple transactional parameters - it now extends to credibility, authenticity, values, and ethics 

  • Trust is becoming an area of real brand distinction 

  • The future of trust, how do we envisage it will evolve 

Carolyn Jameson, Chief Legal & Policy Officer, Trustpilot 


11:00  The Future of Work 

  • Key trends in the future of work

  • The remote working phenomenon

  • The future of work and leadership 

  • The business case for diversity and inclusion

  • Tools to leverage and measure impact

Puneet Sachdev, International Director, Human Capital, The Singularity Lab

11:15    Combined Q&A

12:00    Break (15 minutes)


Session 3 will host a series of breakouts from leading solution providers. Four breakout sessions will be run in parallel and delegates will select one breakout to attend live. The other breakout sessions will be available to watch on-demand post-event. 

12:15   Breakout A

What if your Business Continuity Plan could help you support a more sustainable World?

  • What will be the impact on our work efficiency and to the health of the planet earth after a crisis like the one we are experiencing today – or others we will experience in the future? 

  • Will a Business Continuity Plan help us at all? What is important to an end-user in a Business Continuity scenario and how can technology help?

  • How can we secure the level of productivity we need to stay alive as a business or controversially, could it be possible for a crises to increase our productivity?

  • Since 2.7 billion CO2 annual combined GHG comes from global emissions of commuting and ICT, is it possible to reduce our global carbon footprint with an intelligent Business Continuity Plan?

Bjorn Riiber, EMEA Domain Specialist Cloud, Citrix

12:15   Breakout B

Technology fails, it’s how you deal with it that counts

  • Hear how multiple layers of cloud security, protection, and recovery capabilities can significantly reduce unplanned business disruption

  • Discover why Stena Drilling moved their business to a DRaaS model

  • Learn how individual IT design and a proven, VMware-based platform can provide the ultimate protection while meeting performance and cost expectations

Sam Woodcock, Senior Director of Cloud Strategy, iland

Ian Fraser, IT Manager, Stena Drilling

12:15   Breakout C


Demystifying AI and how it can help you secure your Organisation

  • Sift out the fact from fiction regarding Artificial Intelligence

  • How it can be deployed effectively within the organisation to help with the security journey.

Jamie Graves, VP Product Management, Fortinet

12:15   Breakout D

What has the ‘new normal’ really meant for business communications? And what happens next?

  • We have very quickly moved from selling a vision of unified communication tools and remote working, to it becoming an absolute business must-have

  • Has the UCaaS vision really solved remote working challenges for everyone?

  • What have we really seen happen to businesses that drastically change their working habits

  • How to deal with the fatigue of remote working, and some of the inherent problems that remote communication brings

  • Lastly – an exploration of what comes next – both for businesses and communication tools

Daniel Yin, Head of Product & Innovation EMEA, RingCentral

12:45  Lunch & Networking (45 minutes) 


The closing session will focus on leadership and innovation, discussing how to continue to plan in the face of uncertainty and develop a strategy to help guide organisations beyond the current crisis. The presenters will also explore the need to continue to innovate, build and invest in order to accelerate the recovery and create new opportunities. 

13:30   Leading Beyond This Crisis 

  • We need to lead our teams beyond this crisis - but how to approach this when nothing is certain? 

  • As we shift our focus from survival to recovery, how do tech leaders shift their thinking?  

  • Plan, plan, plan: it is essential that tech leaders can set direction and bring options to the table 

  • Dealing with attachment: in the ‘new normal’ some past value creation is now a sunken cost 

  • The ‘new normal’ was coming anyway - major societal events have a habit of accelerating innovation 

  • What can you create that will change the face of your organisation? 

Steven Ritchie, Vice President, Information Technology, Air Menzies International 


13:45   Leaders Don’t Crisis Manage, They Innovate 

  • Leading in uncertain times 

  • Pivoting strategic plans 

  • Optimising digital opportunities and risk/ reward 

  • Accelerating digital transformation in the NHS and lessons learnt 

  • The new digital age 

Deryck Mitchelson, Director of Digital & CISO, NHS NSS  


14:00   Innovation During These Times 

  • Don’t shelve innovation: it will make it harder to stay competitive and return to growth 

  • Act with empathy across the organization: lead and watch who leads, share perspectives, build and reward resilience 

  • Pick your key player for innovation focus, and select who will be on defence 

  • Partner, partner, partner: select, collaborate, have metrics 

  • Look around the corner: scenario planning, time horizons, launch, listen, learn  

  • Communication is key: positivity and innovation points to a future of new paths 

Lisbeth McNabb, Former COO & CFO, The Linux Foundation  

14:15    Combined Q&A

14:55    Closing Remarks

15:00    Exhibition

17:00    Close of Conference

*The conference programme is provisional and subject to revision


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