6th Annual
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The must-attend hybrid event for leaders from the IT & Digital community
Featuring: keynote talks, breakouts and exhibition - all hosted live in Edinburgh
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Thursday 28th April 2022
08:00 - 16:30

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The Summit

The DIGIT Leaders Summit explores what it means to be a true leader in the digital age.


Amidst a backdrop of uncertainty and disruption, the conference will discuss how you can help your organisation navigate change, overcome problems and accelerate innovation.


The programme will feature insights from an impressive array of technologists, founders, researchers and transformation specialists; contextualising the biggest challenges facing the industry and sharing practical advice, guidance and best-practice on how you can maximise your impact within your team.


Now in its sixth year, the Summit has established itself as the largest annual leadership event for Scotland’s IT & Digital community, and an invaluable forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and high-level networking.



Core themes:

  • Trends: Digitalisation, agility, disruption and hybrid teams

  • Evolution: The changing nature of IT and Digital as a discipline

  • Leadership: Strategy, empowerment, communication, motivation and empathy

  • Culture: Creating a culture of inclusion, innovation and exploration

  • Impact: Technology as a driver of growth, innovation and improvement




DIGIT has rapidly grown into the largest independent business technology community in Scotland. We run an extensive series of conferences focused on core areas of emerging Technology, Digital and IT. We also run Scotland's leading IT & Digital News Platform www.digit.fyi with over 100,000 page views per month.

The events provide a unique platform for knowledge exchange, drawing stakeholders together to explore best practice, technological innovation and business outcomes. Our conferences attract a senior delegate following and have become renowned as an important forum for high-level networking.









2021 Speakers
(2022 coming soon)

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2021 Conference Agenda

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08:00    Login Opens


Session 1

The opening session will look at the future of work and consider some of the challenges and opportunities ahead. As we emerge from lockdown and begin to re-set the normal, what do we want our workplace, organisations, and society to look like, and how can we as tech leaders help to make this vision a reality?


09:15     Welcome & Introduction

Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland


09:20     The Future of Work

  • Key observations on how work has changed during the pandemic

  • Exploring expected and unexpected consequences of the ‘mass homeworking experiment’

  • Potential changes in work post  the peak of the pandemic and in the longer term

  • The key issues that need to be addressed by business leaders and government

  • Possible implications of new forms of work, especially homeworking and hybrid working, on inequality

  • Best practice takeaways on steps organisations can take to support teams effectively

Abigail Marks, Professor of The Future of Work, Newcastle University


09:40     Combat Cognitive Bounce: The Hidden Crisis of Remote Working

  • As leaders it’s increasingly apparent we need to thwart the impending burnout disaster

  • An analysis of our frenetic response to lockdown

  • The physiological links between stress and productivity

  • Designing our new normal

  • Essential steps to halt mental ping pong, cognitive exhaustion and unsustainable productivity

Bianca Best, Author & MD of Blink, MediaCom


10:00     Positive Disruption: A New Opportunity

  • How to work with your culture and enhance

  • Unknown disruptors are the biggest challenge: how to provide the ability to pivot by removing friction 

  • Innovation from within: empower your team to disrupt with support and a platform for success

  • Focus on the key aspects - spinning too many plates can cause confusion

  • Diversity in approach: how to develop a diverse approach to disruption and innovation 

  • Agile to scale: remove scaling roadblocks at early stages 

John Abel, Technical Director: Office of the CTO, Google Cloud

10:20     Combined Q&A

10:45     Break


Session 2

Session 2 will hone-in on a variety of key topics in longer, individual slots. Presentations will be run in 30-minute increments across three parallel streams, providing delegates the opportunity to attend three of the options live. The alternative breakouts will be accessible on-demand post event.

11:00    Breakout Option 1

11:30    Breakout Option 2

12:00    Breakout Option 3


11:00 Breakout Option. Choose one option from A, B or C to attend.

Stream 1: A - Developing and Maintaining a Good Culture in Remote Work Environments

  • How working behaviour has changed in the shift to remote work

  • How culture has been impacted by the changes in behaviour

  • Key organisational challenges and personal pressures from remote working

  • Providing effective management and proactive steps to deal with challenges

  • What does a good culture look like and how can we build towards it

  • How building and managing culture can help us survive and thrive in difficult times

Alastair Rennie, CTO, Metix

Stream 2: B - Employee Experience: A Design Challenge You Cannot Ignore Anymore

  • Employee experience (EX) is the new evolution for employee engagement

  • It reflects a move toward human-centred interaction in directing performance

  • EX is a crucial C-level conversation and imperative to compete in today’s job market

  • Understanding the fundamentals of an EX strategy which drives competitive advantage

  • Well researched pivotal 'moments that matter'

  • A roadmap to defining and designing your inclusive EX

Puneet Sachdev, Director, Human Capital, The Singularity Lab


Stream 3: C -  Agile Business Requires Agile Security: How Security Turns into a Blocker

  • Security needs to be a guiderail to help businesses transform

  • Security can become a blocker when security professionals want to protect themselves more than the business

  • The Business can force security professionals into a self-protective mode due to unrealistic expectations, insufficient resourcing, and a culture of blame

  • Business leaders can help prevent security from being a blocker by realigning their expectations, resourcing appropriately, and encouraging a culture of continuous growth and improvement

Jordan Schroeder, Managing CISO, Barrier Networks


11:30 Breakout Option. Choose one option from D, E or F to attend.

Stream 1: D - High Impact Agile Roadmaps

  • How to set up your product roadmap to focus on outcomes over output, focusing on customer problems to solve rather than features.

  • Using your roadmap as a visual, organic map that helps you bridge the gaps between sales, marketing, development and operations.  

  • Draw line-of-sight between the work being done and your OKRs or company goals.

  • Ensuring your effort is focused on building a product which adds value to customers, is usable, feasible to build and a viable contributor to business results

Dwayne Pascal, CTO, Criton


Stream 2: E – How the Cloud will Save you from the 5 MOST Stupid Things About Enterprise File Storage

  • The truth about legacy file storage infrastructure limitations

  • How the cloud is more resilient, scalable, and less expensive

  • Why it is smart to move all file infrastructure to the cloud

  • The cost and complexity of the digital sprawl of traditional file storage

Andy Hardy, Regional VP EMEA & APJ, Nasuni


Stream 3: F - Design Tools for Effective Leadership through Disruptive Change

  • How can design thinking and tools help leaders and their teams navigate disruptive change?

  • The recognition of the importance of Colleague Experience design has increased during the last year

  • Examples of transformation work with large complex clients over 2020 and 2021

  • Responding effectively to change through this lens

  • Where do you start and how can design tools be used to enable rapid and sustainable transformation?

Kirsty Bell, Principal Consultant, Nile



12:00 Breakout: Choose Breakout G live – the other breakouts will be available on-demand post-event

Stream 1: G - Challenging Times Shape Consumer Sentiment and Behaviour

  • The pandemic turned the world upside down and transformed consumer behaviour

  • The long-term changes are shaping and accelerating an overdue digital transformation

  • COVID continues to influence consumer shopping experiences

  • How to effectively reach and keep consumers 

  • Digital initiatives to consider

  • Actionable strategies for future success

Ilenia Vidili, Author & Customer Centricity Advisor

12:30    Lunch, Exhibition & Networking


Session 3

The closing session will focus on addressing organisational delusions, and improving business alignment and outcomes. Speakers will explore the need to tackle risk and compliance in increasingly complex organisations; the importance of actionable output and purpose, and the vital role of data in building and maintaining trust.


13:30     Tackling Risk and Compliance: The Chain Home

  • The compliance challenge

  • Organisational delusions and the erosion in the first line of risk defence

  • Who’s marking the homework?

  • The importance of transparency and understanding

  • Addressing grey areas of operation

  • The need to tackle the language barrier between the lines of risk defence

Aubrey Stearn, CTO and Technology Commentator


13:50     Data Science Needs Leadership

  • We aren’t getting actionable output from data science

  • What’s gone wrong?

  • What skills are we prioritising?

  • Why do we have a mis-match between expectation and reality?

  • How good data leadership will help focus the team?

  • What does a good leader look like?

Martin Thorn, Head of Data Science, Standard Life Aberdeen


14:10     In God We Trust: All Others Must Bring Data

  • Exploring the interplay between data and trust

  • Understanding how you use data to establish, build and maintain trust

  • What could possibly go wrong?

  • Why this matters particularly in the pandemic we’ve just experienced

  • How we use data to navigate change and support the business

Hew Bruce Gardyne, Head of Business Intelligence, TVSquared


14:30     Combined Q&A

14:55     Closing Remarks

15:00     Close of Session              


*The conference agenda is provisional and subject to change


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